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Winsurfing Courses in Wicklow


All of the courses are run to the I.S.A (Irish Sailing Association) approval, which uses The Go Windsurfing Scheme.

The Go Scheme has come about because of the change to the equipment, which has become more user friendly. Boards are now wider and turn quicker, the sails have more power and are now lighter, which makes the sport fast, fun and easy.


We can run two different courses which are Get Up And Go and Go 4 It. Each course has different modules which can be worked on at the students pace.



Get Up And Go


This course is aimed at the total beginner, and is designed to get you up and going.

There are six modules on this course which are as follows.


Flying the Rig


Let's Go

Turning around

Getting Back



Feel the power and stability as you commit your body to the support of a powered up rig.


Flying the Rig

Getting the rig clear of the water using either the assisted beach start or uphauling the sail.



Identify the information you need to sail safely in your location.


Let's Go

Sail your board and rig across a short stretch of water and experience your first thrill of windsurfing.


Turning Around

By swinging your rig over the front or back of the board you will turn the board around so you can face the direction you started from.


Getting Back

Return to your starting point by sailing, walking, paddling or being towed.


Go 4 it


This course teaches particular skills some of which are progressions from the basic skills covered in the initial Get Up and Go section, while some are new to the sailor. Once again this course is broken into modules so that the sailor can work on a skill in their own time.

Skills Covered.



Kit & rigging

B4 you go

Self rescue



Foot steering

Rig steering

Foot straps



Deep Beach start

Beach start


This course can take any as much time as the sail requires to learn the new skills. At the end the sailor will be a very good windsurfer.


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